Track care, simple and personalized.

I really love the features that this app provides. The reports that are created from the data I put in are my favorite - very useful!
User-friendly app to help track any symptoms, keep notes on health & be up-to-date on all appointments. Can easily see changes in symptoms or health. Useful for caretakers, physicians or your everyday person.
Shana Pili
You can easily record your medication, doctor's appointment, and possible symptoms you have. Within the timeline feature, you can also track and compare what medications and symptoms you had in a month if it has been worse or better.
Hyeji Jang
This app is great for tracking symptoms rather than trying to remember everything for a doctor's visit. It is very thorough, especially the body locations feature.
Suzanne Saleh
I am a big fan of OpenCare and have recommended it to friends and family. What I love about this app is how it allows me to track my symptoms and their locations over time.